Five interview questions a manager will always want answering.

Mind reading. It’s a skill that few us master. But unlike other skills, it doesn’t improve with time or practice. Luckily, anticipating a managers interview questions during a job interview doesn’t require a crystal ball, you just need some intel from an HR Insider…..

Here are five interview questions every manager will be asking themselves before they meet potential employees. Factor into your prep ‘n’ research and get major swag points at your interview!


Why are you leaving your current job?

All responses to interview questions require care and consideration, but get this one wrong and you’ll be scoring the mother of own goals. Like the Tardis (small outside, big inside) your response is a small sound byte of info that speaks volumes about you.

There’s always one bad egg in every company, but NEVER say you’re leaving due to a bad relationship (especially with your manager). Assumptions about who’s at fault will always have one eye on you as the chief protagonist.   

ALWAYS: Say you are driven by a hunger for new challenges, a thirst for knowledge and an appetite for personal development.


Can I manage this person?

Managing people is a nightmare. It's a headache. In fact, it's a nightmare in which you are suffering from a headache. Double whammy!

Get your response here wrong and you kiss goodbye to the job. Impressive qualifications, bundles of experience, nothing but nothing will save you if you don’t serve up a dream response.

NEVER: Blur the line between confidence and arrogance – don’t appear over confident, it can be misconstrued as cocky. And never, ever, interrupt. Just no!

ALWAYS: Describe yourself with phrases like ‘amiable’, ‘professional’ and ‘personable’. And have a specific STAR example of a time when your diplomatic skills have managed to diffuse a difficult situation.


Can I get along with this person?

Ranking highly, but with less toxicity than the previous question. Get it right by keeping it real - there’s a difference between getting on and sucking up. First, understand that the cornerstone of a good professional relationship isn’t based at the bar after work. Formidable and credible working relationships are the basis on which friendships develop.

NEVER: Go to an interview without trying to establish info on your manager – including how they like to spend their spare time (you would be surprised how much info can be found on things like a Google+ account). Understand their management style and their responsibilities and business goals.

ALWAYS: Smile, appear relaxed and have a warm style of body language. (Open palms rather than fists conveys openness and honesty, for instance).


Is this person a team player?

Most people have regular interaction with colleagues, and this is key to achieving team goals. Achieving team goals equates to dollar signs. And dollar signs add up to happy managers.

NEVER: Fail to provide an example of how your presence in a team environment helps gels the group together and how easily you fit in. Because everyone wants to fit in, right?

ALWAYS: Have an example of a time when you played a significant role in achieving a team goal, but be sure to communicate the specific part that you played in this process. Stuck on what to say exactly? Reach out to www.clearcutselection.com for a free fifteen-minute consultation call.

And last, but not least…..


What are the prospects for this candidate in terms of future growth?

Understanding expansion plans, through research and direct questions, will enable you to envisage how your skills may match future vacancies or assist with expansion plans.

NEVER: Conceal your desire to grow, learn and develop.

ALWAYS: Get hold of an organisational chart and try and establish future growth plans for the team or the organisation. Research colleagues in your would-be team to find out what they do, how they do it, and how you could step in to help if they aren’t around. For your manager, your adaptability means less headache/nightmare/a nightmare in which you are suffering from a headache!