How (and why) interview coaching will boost your career prospects!

I recently received an email from a client whom I’d helped to get a job she really wanted. Although she wished to remain anonymous, I checked in with her and she was happy for me to share her comments online:

Hi Richard. I would like to thank you for your assistance with preparing me for interviewing. I believe working with you I was able to gain confidence in my response and it allowed me to really explore and think about my responses being at the right level. Due to this I have been made an offer, which I am really pleased with and I have accepted. Thank you for all of you support.

This got me thinking: While lots of people have heard of interview coaching, how many really understand why or how it works? Do they appreciate how it boosts confidence, improves communication or can transform the way potential employers perceive prospective employees?

So, with that in mind, here’s a what, why and how guide to interview coaching and how it can help you get the job you want - and the career progression you need!


Interview coaching is what you need it to be

Whether it’s your visual presentation, anticipating interview questions or knowing how to create powerful responses, because Clear Cut Selection’s interview coaching sessions are based around your CV and a job description you’re interested in applying for, our sessions are personalised and geared towards your needs. As with any form of coaching, it’s important that you like and ‘get’ your coach. That’s why we offer a free, 15 minute consultation call. So before booking any sessions, you get a sense of how we work, what we do and how we’re going to help you get the job you want!


Interview coaching sets you off in the right direction

We make sure that you have the basics right, covering everything from your research and preparation through to what to wear on the big day. Knowing the name of the person interviewing you isn’t enough. Nor is simply looking at a company website. Our interview coaching will help you to rethink the type of information you should be researching before an interview, as well as understanding how it can give you competitive advantage over other candidates!


Interview coaching helps you to pre-empt

Feels good, doesn’t it? Those occasions when you know exactly what’s going on inside a room before you walk in. Then of course there’s those horrible times when you have butterflies because you have no idea what’s behind a closed door. Because Clear Cut Selection is owned and managed by an experienced interview coach who is a CIPD-qualified HR professional, you don’t have to worry about potential interview questions - we tell you what to expect!! Years of experience creating interview frameworks and questions and interviewing hundreds of candidates mean we know what’s going to come up - and how to formulate responses that will win over any employer!


Interview coaching improves your communication

Maybe you’re saying too much or too little? Perhaps your responses need structure and cohesion? Maybe you’re missing out some crucial information that leads potential employers to put two and two together and make five. Or maybe you simply don’t understand how to use a job interview to promote yourself and sell your skills. Clear Cut Selection’s one-to-one interview coaching sessions deconstruct what you say, how you say it and identify some simple yet effective changes that will ensure that you are delivering powerful and impactful responses to tough interview questions. And when you’re ready for a test-run, our mock interviews let you practice your interview skills by tackling a series of personalised general, hypothetical, strength based and competency and behavioural based interview questions, all recorded during a Skype or FaceTime call.


We’re flexible and work at times to suit you

Job-hunting when you have a job can be tricky. We appreciate that sometimes interviews have to take place outside working hours. That’s why we offer morning, evening and weekend appointments. And once you have completed your sessions we don’t stop supporting you. We offer ongoing email assistance to help you as you progress through the application process, into your new job and beyond! So to find out how we can help you get the job you want, or to simply strike up a conversation visit Clear Cut Selection.

We look forward to hearing from you!