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Will employees turn on Tata Steel? #employees #reward #benefits #engagement #pay #jobs #career

Will employees turn on Tata Steel? #employees #reward #benefits #engagement #pay #jobs #career

Today’s @guardian article on Tata Steel’s potential change to employee pension reminds us of two things: One, if allowed to go ahead, the flood gates will open. Who will be next? BHS? Two: What’s to stop Tata or other companies reneging on other agreed benefits (or pay, for that matter?) No one knows where this could end, and although the proposed pension re-structuring would be better than the Pension Protection Fund option, it’s still not good enough. Tata Steel, the government and the unions MUST work together to find a third, workable, employee friendly solutions to the Tata crisis. 

Why organisations need to do more to make us happy.

Are you happy in your work? Do you love waking early up and striding into the office, with a coffee in hand and a feeling of eternal optimism in your heart? Or do you crawl out of bed in the morning, sluggish and uninspired, with a lack of motivation in your heart and no coffee in hand - partly due to your salary, which has been frozen in time for the past five years?