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On average, we work around 40 to 45 hours per week. Having a job that you love is central to your personal happiness. Interview coaching from Clear Cut Selection can help you get that job.

If you’re reading this you're probably looking for advice and guidance on how to become more confident when applying for a job or attending a job interview or assessment centre.

Perhaps you're returning to work after a career break? Maybe you’re hoping to move to a new company after a long time in the same job? Or possibly you're a recent school, college or university graduate who fears that your lack of interviewing experience could hold you back from getting the job you really want?

Whatever your situation, by working with Clear Cut Selection, you can develop your skills and confidence, with professional, personalised advice and guidance on every aspect of the job application and interview process. We offer bespoke interview training in the form of mock interviews and interview coaching, to help develop your communication, improve your technique and give you the confidence you need to excel during a job interview. To book or to arrange your FREE 20 minute consultation call or make an enquiry. Or alternatively strike up a conversation by phone or sending a message.

The excellent feedback we receive from our clients tells us that our coaching works and improves interview technique, communication skills and the chances of landing the job you are going for.

We’re confident in our ability to deliver. That’s why we charge after your session has been completed, not before. And because our coaching takes place via Skype, FaceTime or phone, we have low overheads. This means we can pass these savings onto our clients, allowing us to offer highly competitive rates. Sessions can be paid via PayPal, debit or credit card or bank transfer.

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Our interview coaching and mock interviews are proven to boost your chances of getting the job you really want. 

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Coaching For Interviews

What To Expect

Coaching for interviews with Clear Cut Selection elevates your credibility during a job interview. After the completion of just one session you will:

  • Feel more confident and have an improved communication style and interview technique

  • Anticipate the type of interview questions that will come up in your next job interview and have prepared a series of responses

  • Understand how to create cohesive, compelling and impactful narratives during your interview

  • Understand the common theme that underpins all successful responses to interview questions

Interview Coaching London and Across the UK

About Interview Coach and Human Resources Professional Richard Clements

Interview coach Richard Clements is a CIPD-qualified Human Resources professional with a wealth of Human Resources and coaching experience, gained across a wide range of industries and sectors.  Richard has provided interview coaching London wide and across the UK to hundreds of candidates from Students to Senior Executives, helping them to excel during their job interview and to improve their chances of securing the positions they wanted, across a variety of professional and academic disciplines.

Job Interview Coaching

Services and Rates

FREE TWENTY MINUTE CONSULTATION SESSION - Receive job interview coaching and industry expert advice on your upcoming job interview. Learn how our job interview coaching will help to improve your confidence, communication skills and credibility when attending a job interview.

One To One Interview Coaching

One to one interview coaching with Clear Cut Selection improves your confidence, communication and technique when attending a job interview. 60 minutes £100


Graduate Interview Coaching

Specifically tailored one to one interview coaching for Interns and Graduates to ensure you are fully prepared for your interview or assessment centre. 60 minutes £100


Mock Interview

Personalised mock interviews with qualified HR professional and interview coach Richard Clements. 60 minutes £110


Coaching and Mock Interview

A combination of one to one interview coaching and a personalised mock interview for a reduced price. 120 minutes £180

Interview Coaching Testimonials

“I recently applied for a leadership position at a not-for-profit organisation. The role was more senior than I had previously held or applied-for so I sought advice through Clear Cut Selection.

I came into the recruitment process with what I assumed was a fair preconception of what to expect. However, Clear Cut Selection really helped me to gain a better understanding of the breadth of the role and the interview questions that I should expect. We had a few sessions where we broke down the role, what the recruiters were looking for and how my skills and experience matched their requirements. Finally, we role-played the interview scenario, with Clear Cut Selection’s consultant providing me with feedback and constructive ways to build on my responses to interview questions.

I went into the interview armed with a greater level of confidence, a much better understanding of the role and a set of impressive question responses. My interview performance was definitely improved as a result of the coaching that I received from Clear Cut Selection. Thank you!” Tom, London

Thank you for my wonderful coaching session. Because we covered all that was included in my interview, I didn’t have any nasty surprises. Listening to your recording and feedback allowed me to focus more when preparing (Anonymous)

"Hi Richard. Amazing news - I got the job offer!!! I want to thank you for your support and the session I had with you was really useful. I will definitely recommend you to my friends" Katie, Nottingham

"Hi Richard. Just a quick note to say I got the job yesterday. They said I scored extremely well in the interview (with my new manager saying he was making notes of some of my comments to use for when he's next interviewed!). The practice and feedback was really helpful so thanks so much and have a good weekend. Kind regards." Sean, London.

"Hi Richard! Thank you very much for your help I got the job! It goes without saying that this would not have been the case without your help. Many thanks." Abla, London

I used Clear Cut Selection for my line manager interview. They have really helped me and I got the job- thanks to Clear Cut Selection. Very cost effective as well and will definitely use again for future interviews." Mohammed, Stoke-on-Trent

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