Interview coaching services from Clear Cut Selection

Free consultation session

Clear Cut Selection's mock interviews and interview coaching can help you get the job you want! To find our more about the services we provide you can arrange a free 15 minute consultation call with interview coach Richard Clements using the button below or, alternatively, phone us or send a message.

Interview coaching session

Bespoke Skype, FaceTime or phone interview coaching sessions develop your understanding of the interview process, help you anticipate tough interview questions and, crucially, enable you to provide high-quality, cohesive and impactful responses in an interview situation. In addition to improving your communication, interview technique and ability to respond to competency based interview questions, personally tailored interview coaching sessions can cover a number of areas, including:

  • Feedback to improve your CV 
  • Job interview research and preparation
  • Visual presentation and body language 
  • Using the STAR framework to effectively respond to tough competency based interview questions
  • How to successfully sell yourself and your skills
  • Identifying transferable skills
  • Emotional intelligence

60 minutes £79.99

Mock interview session

Clear Cut Selection's mock interviews are proven to develop knowledge, improve skills and boost your confidence during a job interview. Mock interviews are individually tailored and conducted via Skype or FaceTime. You simply email Clear Cut Selection a copy of your CV and a job description that you are interested in and we create the interview. 

Following your mock interview you will:

  • Receive immediate verbal feedback and a performance-rating HR Balance Scorecard via email
  • Receive FREE, ongoing, expert email support from a CIPD-qualified Human Resources professional
  • Have full access to your mock interview video and evaluate your own performance
  • Know what employers are looking for and know how to effectively sell yourself and your skills
  • Respond effectively to tough interview questions including competency based interview questions
  • Have more credibility, gravitas and a much improved interview technique 

60 minutes £99.99

Coaching and mock interview combination sessions

A comprehensive combination service guaranteed to change the way you feel about job interviews. A 60 minute interview coaching session is followed by a 60 minute mock interview, for a reduced price. Sessions take place on two different days - first you develop your understanding of the interview process with an interview coaching session and then put what you have learnt into practice in a mock interview. 

120 minutes £159.99