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Richard Clements is a CIPD-qualified Human Resources professional and interview coach with extensive experience managing the full internal recruitment process within HR teams both in and outside of the UK. He has conducted hundreds of interviews with candidates at all levels of seniority, and has been responsible for identifying and hiring top talent within a variety of industries including Accountancy, Asset Management, Publishing, E-commerce and the Public and Charitable sectors. In addition to being a member of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, Richard also has a Masters in Human Resource Management and a degree in Communication Studies. As the owner and founder of Clear Cut Selection, Richard is an expert in boosting client confidence and credibility through empowering and performance enhancing communication coaching.

Our coaching via Skype, FaceTime and phone coaching is efficient, effective and has supported hundreds of clients to success. And because we have low overheads, we can pass these savings onto you. We’re confident our pricing structure is fair.

Free Twenty Minute consultation session

Clear Cut Selection's interview coaching has helped hundreds of clients to get the jobs they really wanted! During your call you will receive industry expert advice from on your upcoming job interview and find out how the coaching services we provide help to improve your communication skills, confidence and credibility. You can arrange a free 20 minute consultation call with interview coach Richard Clements by using the button below or, alternatively, phone us or send a message.

Interview coaching session

Bespoke Skype, FaceTime or phone interview coaching sessions develop your understanding of the interview process, help you anticipate tough interview questions and, crucially, enable you to provide high-quality, cohesive and impactful responses in a job interview. As a CIPD-qualified HR professional with extensive, international experience managing recruitment functions, Richard Clements has leveraged his expertise and helped hundreds of clients to land their dream job.

Sessions can cover a number of areas, including:

  • Evaluation, critique and feedback on your CV and improvements to ensure you get noticed by employers

  • Effective approaches to research and preparation before your job interview

  • Visual presentation and body language

  • Identifying your strengths and motivators

  • Assessment centres: What to expect and how to succeed

  • Anticipating the type of interview questions that will arise in your job interview

  • Understand the difference between general, hypothetical and strength, value, competency and behavioural based questions

  • A clear and comprehensive explanation of the type of information and level of detail questions are trying to illicit

  • Hypothetical responses to questions that you may be struggling with

  • How to use the STAR framework to effectively respond to tough competency based interview questions

  • Practising your responses to interview questions whilst receiving immediate guidance on how to strengthen them further

  • Identifying experiences that can be positioned as successes and achievements and how to use them to effectively sell yourself

  • Turning negatives into positives and identifying transferable skills

  • The importance of demonstrating a high level of emotional intelligence

Initial 60 minutes £120

All subsequent 60 minute sessions £100

Discount available when five sessions are purchased together

Graduate Interview Coaching

Graduate and intern jobs are highly sought after. The interview and assessment centre process is incredibly competitive. From hundreds of applicants, only a handful will receive an offer. Lack of experience can affect your confidence. With extensive experience of interviewing new graduates, managing assessment centres and coaching interns and graduates to successfully obtain their dream jobs, Richard Clements is perfectly placed to support your coaching requirements. 

Sessions can cover a number of areas, including:

  • Evaluation, critique and feedback on your CV

  • Assistance with the application stage, research and the creation of supporting documentation

  • Creating a powerful and impactful USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

  • Assessment Centres: What to expect and how to make yourself stand out from the competition

  • The organisational drivers that lead top companies to put great emphasis on graduate recruitment

  • Aligning yourself with organisational drivers, values and philosophies

  • Specific characteristics and behaviours sought in interns and graduates

  • Understanding different types of interview questions and identifying which will be asked in your interview

  • Practising your responses to interview questions with a qualified HR professional who has conducted hundreds of interviews

  • Identifying life and academic experiences that can be positioned to celebrate successes and sell yourself

  • Developing interview questions to ask your interviewers

Initial 60 minutes £120

All subsequent 60 minute sessions £100

Discount available when five sessions are purchased together

Mock interview session

Clear Cut Selection’s mock interviews offer the opportunity to have a test run at an upcoming interview and receive honest, valuable and performance enhancing feedback from a CIPD-qualified Human Resources professional. Based upon your CV and the job description for the role you will be interviewing for, these sessions are guaranteed to leave you feeling informed and empowered.

Following your mock interview you will:

  • Receive immediate verbal feedback from a highly experienced interviewer and qualified HR professional

  • Have full access to your mock interview video to evaluate your own performance

  • Know what employers are looking for and know how to effectively sell yourself and your skills

  • Respond effectively to tough interview questions including competency based interview questions

  • Have more credibility, gravitas and a much improved interview technique

60 minutes £125

Coaching and mock interview combination sessions

A comprehensive combination service guaranteed to change the way you feel about job interviews. A 60 minute interview coaching session is followed by a 60 minute mock interview, for a reduced price. Sessions take place on two different days - first you develop your understanding of the interview process with an interview coaching session and then put what you have learnt into practice in a mock interview. 

120 minutes £220

Searching For Interview Coaching Near Me

After graduation, I spent time searching for interview coaching near me, but was unable to locate a service close by. When I founded Clear Cut Selection in 2014, I had spent almost 10 years working internationally in Human Resources departments managing recruitment processes and interviewing candidates. Drawing upon my professional experience and HR qualifications, I was able to leverage technology to address a gap in the market. Today, my interview coaching services by Skype, FaceTime or phone allow my clients in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world to enjoy high-calibre coaching, from the comfort of their own homes or offices. This incredibly efficient and proven way of working eliminates the need for clients to travel, and means sessions can be booked immediately and offered on short notice, including the same day. This means that we can offer our clients highly competitive rates, value for money and flexibility from a scheduling perspective.

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